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Taxi in Kherson is current service for the city with two ports and its magnificent more than 230-years history. Today Kherson is not only a regional center of Souths Ukraine with a warm sun and friendly people. It is cultural and industrial center, rich on historical monuments, magnificent marine beaches, warm rivers and nature that people admired even in distant Scythian times.

Due to the good servicing, big experience accumulated for 10 years of work, and low prices, the "Express-Taxi" in Kherson is very popular not only among its citizens but also among tourists that arrive to have a rest more than on 200 resorts.

Today’s rhythm of life on big city obligates you to value the time and be present where it is required by circumstances. You should be in 10 minutes in another part of the cuty?  Do you search for optimal correlation price / quality among the taxi services in Kherson? Do you need to deliver flowers / correspondence or to meet someone on the railway station? Choose the "Express-Taxi".

We work twenty-four-hours a day, and all our drivers have work experience no less than 10 years. A trip on the streets of Kherson with us it is transportation with comfort. Simply lay back on the seat of our car and relax, you will be delivered to the appointed address.

Services of "taxi in Kherson" are searched in the Internet every day more more. That was the reason for us to we renew our site. Now you can find more detailed information about the list of services provided by the "Express-Taxi".

The "Express-taxi" is a company with great experience in hire van and passenger transportations from 1999. We develop together with development of modern technologies; promote the level of services from year to year. Our aim is to correspond your requirements of service.

"Express-Taxi" works 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week. Today "Express-Taxi" is a corporate organization of services, that includes:

  • taxi in Kherson, hire van.
  • tow truck on the road
  • services of vehicle recovery
  • service of emergency opening of locks
  • corporate and VIP-transportations services

Everybody knows the when it is impossible to call a taxi due to the lack of free cars. With our service this happens extremely rarely, as our car fleet is one of the greatest in Ukraine. The "Express-taxi"`s car fleet allow scattering cars in the city evenly, due to the probability of presence of "free" auto cars in any district.

Taxi in Kherson with our company it is first of all high safety of passengers. All our passengers are insured. Also we have our own Servicing Station, thereby all motor transport correspond to all technical norms. Age of cars in our car fleet does not exceed 10 years. Drivers in “Express-Taxi” are real professionals, they perfectly know all the streets in the city and their driving experience is no less than 10 years.

If you like comfort and look for a "taxi in Kherson inexpensively" use our services! Call: (055) 239-15-15, (095) 239-15-15, (097) 239-15-15, (094) 239-15-15.

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