Vehicle recovery and tow track

“Express-Taxi” is ready to offer for its customers an urgent vehicle recovery on the road. All the modern technique improves every day, but there are cases when it sell short. Did your car destroke on the road? Did your accumulator brake on the road any other problem disabled your car? Make a call in “Express-Taxi” and will help you wherever you are. Our car fleet besides passenger cars has a lot of tow trucks that are ready to help you anytime.

Tow trucks work day and night. Rates on loading and unloading depend on a class of your car.

  • For passenger cars – 170 grn
  • For jeep, minibus – 200 grn

Transportation of car is rated as follows:

  •   For a passenger car, jeep, minibus it costs 5 grn per kilometer
  • if towing is performed outside Kherson, further than 300 kilometers then the cost of call is not calculated 
  • transportation on a car transporter truck  essentially reduces expenses on transportation.
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